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Increaser helps me put consistent efforts into my startups. I've done a lot in the last few months!

Semion Sobolevski

Founder & Product Engineer

I found Increaser very useful and friendly. After one week, I managed to organize my work habits. UI is neat, and I enjoy that!


Postdoctoral Fellow

Increaser helps me better understand my activity breakdown and keeps my priorities in the ordered list.

Maksim Markevich

Chief Technology Officer

Increaser is a useful tool for monitoring focus at work and retrospective performance analysis.

Eugene Pyrlog

Team Lead

I will be using it every day from now on. It's such a good way to keep track of the things I am spending my time on!

Athiya Rastogi

Data Scientist

Increaser has all that it takes: easy-to-use focus, daily and weekly goals, reports with projects breakdown. Increaser is perfect for me to be productive at academic work!

Chi-Hua Wang

Ph.D. Student

Increaser helps me keep the discipline of deep-focused work. I usually do 50 minutes sessions with 10 minutes breaks. Using Increaser is like playing a video game, which gives me an illusion of playing against a lazy version of myself.

Gareth McKinney

Creative Director

I had a great experience with Increaser! It helped me organize my workday and better appreciate the time invested in every project.

Alfredo Pérez

Graphic Designer

I'm a college student with pretty limited time. Increaser allows me to focus on assignments or projects for set periods, so no time is wasted. It's an awesome time management tool!

Dalton Hongell

Finance Student

Hello 👋 I'm Radzion,
Founder at Increaser

I've been working as a remote programmer for a few years now. While freedom from an office gave me more flexibility, I failed to improve my lifestyle. I couldn't balance my job and projects, and I didn't have the consistency to move things forward. Instead of having a quality chill time, I procrastinated, dragged work until late, and had trouble falling asleep.

I tried time tracking and the Pomodoro timer to fix my work habits. While those tools made me more time-aware, it wasn't enough. I needed a holistic solution that doesn't only make you more productive but also helps you live a happier, balanced life.

Now I'm working on Increaser - an evolving toolkit for remote people with ambitions. Our goal is to give you the necessary tools and guidance for a better, more productive lifestyle. Let's go after it!

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